[4k] 50-350+ km/h RACE Bugatti Veyron Vitesse vs Koenigsegg Agera R Highspeed Oval

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50-350+ km/h RACE Bugatti Veyron Vitesse vs Koenigsegg Agera R highspeed oval
Race 1:
8:40 (Bridge Cam)
10:11 (Helmet Cam)

Race 2:
5:50 (Part 2)
13:07 (Helmet Cam)
14:22 (Part 2 Helmet Cam)
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  1. differences between a Skyline and a Bugatti somebody put more money into the new Bugatti same motor carbon fiber so you know what it's the same thing when it comes down to it as long as long as wheels and it has more money into it money cash dollar bills

  2. yeah they Bugatti is in all the rap videos but so what I already seen it will Gotti be beat by Skyline on another Channel the Bugatti is Honda still fast yeah but it's been beat by white Skyline but the Koenigsegg is still God 400 km don't you ever try man reveal your motor reveal your suspension I do a flip car that's about it flip cars like in 2 Fast 2 Furious move up to that all right you just want a solid frame everything need to be 1 movement 4 wheel drive all four wheels move in at once skeleton frame and then you might have a chance but the Bugatti is slow cuz I seen it be got beat by Skyline a family car a free car

  3. Бугатти на 500 с лишним килограмм тяжелее чем Кёнигсег. Можно разные моменты включать ещё сюда, то мастерство водителя и другое. Сами судите.

  4. Bugatti явно хуже Koenisegg. Даже не знаю, хотел бы попробовать их? На трассе может быть. Лучше реально опробовать Ford F150 на реальном бездорожье Россий со встречным авто.

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