BLOWN BIG BLOCK ’67 CAMARO Road Trip With HOT ROD Magazine

Ever wonder what it would be like to make an epic road trip in a 1967 Camaro with a blown big block engine? Wonder no more…just watch this video with Hot Rod Magazines David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan as they drive the Crusher Camaro from Los Angeles to the Pavilions Car Cruise in Scottsdale Arizona and back.This video includes the “almost-live” mobile updates that were posted on YouTube and Facebook during the trip, giving fans a ride along feel for much of the adventure. We have more planned so keep checking HOTROD.COM and for more info on how to virtually come with us on our next event.


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  1. Excuse me, but why are you guys purposely rushing yourselves before a road trip?
    Your SUPPOSED car guys right?
    Keep doing it and I'm cancelling my subscription.

  2. Thee best looking crusher camaro looks wicked and mean with those centerline wheels you can't go wrong with a BLOWN 871 ROOTS BLOWER on a 454 ci monster coming at you!
    Please go back to this style look you can't go wrong!!! OH i hope you can put a rockcrusher 4 speed with this set up! You can use an under overdrive for long trips!!!!

  3. This is the second youtube published film by the Roadkill duo, The first was Hot Rod Crusher Redux published 12-23-10! This was long before Roadkill was a thing. The very first Roadkill Featured the Pontiac Catalina, ElPaso to LA the Hard Way, Published almost 2 years after the initial Crusher episode 2-17-12. The Barn Find Buick episodes are Pre-Roadkill and were published on5-27-11.

  4. Freibuger's "ARRRRRRRRRRGH!" ought to be the new, old "BAM!" Laughed my head off on this segment.

    Would be great to see the long cuts of Hot Rod Unlimited and these HRM shows with Dave and Mike cut into some sort of "Before Roadkill" episode series so they're easy to find.

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