David Freiburger’s 1970 Super Bee Revival, Part 2

Hot Rod Magazine Editor In Chief David Freiburger has owned this 1970 Dodge Super Bee since he was 15 years old. In 1995, it was restored in race trim with a 484ci Dick Landy Hemi, then the car sat untouched for 20-plus years. In Part 1 of this video, the HOT ROD crew jammed to get the car back on the road in a week, then headed out late to drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for the Moparty at the Strip race. They also blew up the transmission on the drag strip. Here in part two, watch as the guys road trip home from Las Vegas with nothing but third gear in the Torqueflite.


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  1. Just buff out the 300 and she should be good to go in the 1/4 Mile !!  Love that 70 Super Bee … I had one the same color with a 383 Magnum auto. I sure miss that car…. and YES ,, there IS room to hook up in that back seat !! LOL !! OH MY MY … GOOD TIMES WERE HAD IN THAT CAR !!

  2. Finnegan put on a sticker from 2012 this was before roadkill I'm sure, by far the baddest car I seen on road kill or hot rod garage at this time the rake colors totally cool car .

  3. Why have a lot of cars no heating system in it ?? I see you guys in thick cloths …and complain its colt… my car did not had it either i just bought a heating set…

  4. Gentlemen, prior to this episode, I was never a Mopar guy. That is one freakin' beautiful build and now that I had a backseat view of the whole adventure, I am a changed man. I cannot believe that you two nutjobs (and the crew) actually get paid for doing what you do. But as the old say goes, "find what you love, and find a way to get paid for it". As always, I learn so much, laugh myself silly (sometimes peeing myself), and am generally entertained by shinanigans. Epic Job, men.

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