Drag Week 2013: Tom Bailey’s 6.72-Second Camaro Hits the Highway

On the first day of Drag Week 2013, Tom Bailey and engine builder Steve Morris ran the quickest time ever at the event, 6.72 seconds at 214 mph. What everyone wondered is if the car would survive Drag Week’s 1,200-mile drive, so HOT ROD followed them for the first 220-mile trip. With its Gear Vendors overdrive, 3.89 gears, and 35-inch tires, it cruised 80 mph at 2,500 rpm. The only problem was a few blown fuses from a dead electric fan. The car runs a Steve Morris 615ci big-block with 14-degree heads and twin turbos.

Drag Week 2013 is presented by Gear Vendors and co-sponsored by Pep Boys Speed Shop. See more at


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  1. that's not a street car. Thats a pro stock car with plates on it. they really need to look at the categories for next year because anyone with a big enough chequebook can buy the trophy. And that ain't real drag racing.

  2. of course you can work around that with removing brake chute and wheelie bars, tune down the engine, use road tires and so on, but those and other machines can only be legal in the builders' minds

  3. Great run, but thats not a street car, fiberglass parts are fine but an all out tube chassie with all fiberglass body that dosent get me high like seeing jeff lutz or larry larson

  4. Im not gonna lie i hate when the cars get modified too much. It completly has a tube chasis now. If the sheetmetal is ontop of steel pipes and not the frame than you ended up with one and a half camaros 🙁

  5. Really? They just blew few fuses because of a stupid little electronical problem. That's a little thing what you can run into with pretty much any car.

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