The 2010 Hot Rod Drag Week is over and it was the best ever! To end the week of competition, Larry Larson threw everything he had at breaking into the 6’s on what turned out to be the final run of the night. Here is the first video to show that very run! There’s an on board view and an awesome super slo-mo to get a great look at the fire breathing Chevy II that Larry wheeled to a Drag Week record of 6.95. We had two street driven cars run over 200 MPH in the quarter mile, Larry in his Chevy II and Jeff Lutz in his 57 Chevy and both cars survived the grueling 1000 mile drive as well!


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  1. To be honest, neither of those explanations are really quite right. The flames are coming from a Wastegate, not a Blow-Off valve, BOVs are on the charge air side, not exhaust. What's causing them is as stated, Anti-Lag, a rally-bred tech designed to keep turbos spining and producing boost when the engine is at idle. The exhaust side of the turbo has its own air supply and the spark is backed off to allow unburnt fuel into the turbo, the combustion happens in the turbo, not the cylinders.

  2. its from the wastegates… the blow off valves only open when your off the throttle..but your right about why its shooting flames since its directly connected to the turbo manifolds

  3. I am guessing you are asking about the flames by the door, I think it is from the blow off valves for the turbos. The flames are because he is on the rev limiter and it is knocking spark off of various cylinders, so the fuel load from those holes is getting dumped out the exhaust and igniting, hence the flame.

  4. WOW! After watching the inside view one would almost think there was more room for a tad higher gear? looked like it peaked long before the finish line? could there be even more in this car yet??? another 5mph maby? hehe…???

  5. @badasspr0ductions You're the one trying to start one…import fanboy who THINKS he loves cars (I'm assuming you're talking about Japanese cars)

  6. My god it looked violent from the outside but butter smooth inside the car! The 2011 drag week is going to Be alot cooler thers alot of guys comin for larrys crown And i think there are going to be 4 cars that will run 6's all week if they dont break or crash! every body go pick up the july hot rod issue and check it out ! thers going to be a shit ton more horse power in 11' than 10' and alot more action !!

  7. I see some real idiots up here posting that don't know jack sh*t…..this man will drive 1200 miles to the track and tear your ass apart when he get's there. Grow up and quit hating on the man. His car is faster than everyone posting crap, and most of you probably ride mopeds!

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