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Highlights – Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000


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  1. That the moron "Safety Car Schenkin" red flagged qualifying 1/2 a second BEFORE Cam Waters crossed the line on a flying lap again shows what a brainless idiot he is. It shows exactly how much they are paying attention to events and how much care they apply to their responsibility. 1/2 a second, the bastards should be sacked, regardless of who was disadvantaged in such a careless manner. Schenkin is usually inconsistent with his 'safety car' calls as well but this bullshit takes the cake.

  2. Will there be a full race video up soon??

    And in addition, you guys need to do longer highlights, 3min is fine for the shorter sprint race's.. but for the longer enduro race's they 100% need to be longer

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