Hot Rod Corvette Hack – The Long Version

This is the video version of the Corvette Hack story that appeared in the Nov. ’10 issue of Hot Rod magazine. You’ll see the Hot Rod staff shred an ’85 Corvette, cutting off parts until it was nearly a bare frame. The point? To see how much the car’s performance improved as it dropped weight (into the Dumpster).


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  1. As the proud owner of a ruby 95 it's sad to see a Vette this trashed. But kind of funny to see one that's headed for the bone yard anyway stripped down and hammered. Still ran OK lol

  2. Even though it was hard to watch it get cut up (I have an '85 and love it). That car was trashed. If i got it it would probably be a parts car or I would do the same thing. I wish I could have got the speakers from them tho. Someone pulled the stock stereo in mine.

  3. This is the stupidest and most senseless fucking thing I've ever seen!!!! You actually needed to do this asinine nonsense to learn that the less heavy a car is the faster it'll go?!?!?!

  4. Frieburger I thought you where a douche now you have left no doubt. I knew the guy with the goatee was a douche the 1st time I seen him so there is no surprise there. Only thing missing is the douche named Dulcich (however you spell his name) you have on the shows testing engines. Stick with that Steve guy from Westech, he makes you actually look smarter. Here you look like a complete tard.

  5. I love c4 vettes. Always hated seeing it destroyed but glad the vette cart came to be. THEN YOU DESTROYED IT AGAIN!! Poor car. Because roadkill

  6. I just got an '84 for $300 and I already have the Sawzall, sooooo I'll be using this video as my in/destruction manual. Oh, I'm going with twin turbos because some already took the intake manifold off that had twin Crossfire injection. I'm going to put it back on except I'll be adding the hairdryers to 'blow through.' IDK if it will work because this is an eBay twin turbo kit so I'll just be "wingin' it." Anyone wanna buy some Vette body parts? LoL

  7. I like how they hypocritically introduce their multicultural shaft in our asses as slowly as they can to make sure our assholes stretch enough to accept it.
    If you watched all Roadkill episodes you probably know what i mean.

  8. HAHA , I would pay money to see them butcher a Vette a day !!! This was most satisfying . Only topped by the kid driving wearing a big ass Blue Oval on his driving suit…. Priceless guys…. Priceless !!

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