How to runs 10s on a budget | APS XR6 turbo

Luis Sola’s 2004 Ford Falcon XR6 turbo [ APSPSI ] is a great example of how to run quick on a realistic budget. The car still retains the factory 4.0L Barra big Aussie six now sitting at over 240,000kms old. With some select bolt-ons and an E85 fuel system the car has run a stack of ten second passes and has improved at every outing so don’t be surprised to see it run quicker yet. Still retaining the factory cat-back exhaust system, the Ford is as quiet as a mouse on road considering the current combination is good for over 580hp to the rear wheels.

Calder Park, Australia – May 30th, 2014


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  1. Anyone know a good, and not overpriced, shop or site to buy stuff for a BA Falcon? Having a bit of trouble finding good stuff that doesn't seem overpriced. I keep seeing people talk about how they built their XR6 into a 10 second car with $4,000-5,000, but I'm not finding any of these cheapy parts. Keep finding stuff like cat back exhaust for $2,000. lol

  2. To frankston, and full boost. I believe the same same people, that said, And I quote, your car can never do that. We know all about these cars and you know shit. Well guess what, I'm back in a big way. Your the same people, that told me, that my Ford TE-50, Series 3, could and would not ever, break the 14 sec mark, without your major mods, and, on your advice, would cost me over 10 grand, to get into the 13s, and that was years before an edit was available. In my own terms, and simple mods, that was under $1500 dollars, I ran at eastern creek, with 98 fuel, stock tyres, msd ignition, with a five speed manual gearbox, and I did, for the record, 13.1 on the 1/4, and the video is available for all on YouTube. And, further insult to injury, I flogged the ass off a Ferrari barachetta at the creek in the same year, because all the Carrara Porche drivers were watching and started calling the ford t3 the ultimate Aston Martin decoy. And these were laps. Now, my xr6 turbo, like I said, runs 10,s all day, without your bullshit promises, and highly elevated prices, and guess what, I'm going to deliver a package deal, that will put you all out of business. Merry Xmas. 🙂

  3. The standard 6 Barra motor non turbo, and turbo motor are basically the same, the internals are over kill for this engine. As mentioned, the only weak link in these engines are the valve springs, that is if you have ba falcon. The bf turbos and later have the heavier valve springs. I don't know this guy from a bar of soap, but I have a mk11 ba falcon turbo, upgraded the valve springs, 1000 cc injectors, 4inch xforce dump into 4 inch 100 cat, but run factory exhaust from cat back. 5 inch Cai from lower air dam to the factory air box. Msd ignition and coils. Tuned at 18 psi on 98 which is my f preferred fuel anyway, 600 hp and does low 10,s all day, and mine is a 6 speed manual. Cost, just under $5000…

  4. I think the owner must have forgot to mention in the description that he'd done pistons and rods last tax return… The figures are very hard to swallow.. Also those gearboxes tricked will only last half a dozen runs with that sort of grunt… Speaking from experience…..

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