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Some of Australia’s greatest drivers united in Bathurst today to mark the launch of the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000, celebrating the 50th year of the endurance classic at Mount Panorama.

Returning to the track where their legacy is etched, four of motor racing’s legends joined their modern counterparts to reflect on the awesome moments of the Bathurst endurance race.


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  1. nah just trippin mate, yeah thats true but If I were living near this awesome track, Id be up their almost every free weekend. Id like to see in real life. there not production cars but so weren't the Group A's…

  2. I think seeing production cars would be boring, please don't bring em back 🙁

    yay lets see my car do bathurst, wow it top speeds at 200km/hr down conrod straight to finish in a lap time of 3 minutes 40 secs.

  3. I was there in 2003 when Greg Murphy (a fellow Kiwi) won the race. but more importantly did that AMAZING 2.06 lap time in the Top 10 !
    You'll never see a track like Bathurst again. NEVER. The fun police would just ruin it!

  4. another piece of crap about the great race is that its not super 2000 like in europe, its way moar diverse than our v8 supercars, i wish there was a rival racing series run to those rules.

  5. How good was that tale re Bathurst race from the greats! I love BATHURST the race.
    Why can"t they make a TV add with parts of that ,WHY WE LOVE THE GREAT RACE.
    Take a peek n you may also ENJOY

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