Mopar 11 Charger Test Drive

We test drive the Mopar ’11 Charger. It’s a Charger with a Mopar track pack, extra low rear end gears (3.91:1 final drive), and special paint scheme. Powered by a 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 making 370 hp and 395 lb-ft of torque and backed by a five-speed automatic. The Mopar 11 is going to be offered in a limited run from Mopar. Check it out to hear what all it offers and see some burnouts.


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  1. I belive mine it's #665 I have to double check but I don't see nothing special rides cruises at 3,000 rpms 75 MPh iam like wtf?? but then once again I got off an escalade that did 75 MPh at 1,800 rpms can anybody tell me as far as the rpms on the 11 charger??

  2. Love the look to this gen charger so much better then the newest models. I just wish there could be a manual option to this car :/ is it possible to make a charger from an automatic to manual aftermarket

  3. I happen to have bought #724 for the wife and I've got to say, this car can kick ass and haul the family to. I installed the Mopar Cold Air Intake and the Flowmaster American Thunder cat back exhaust. Sounds mean, looks mean and is fast as hell. I'm a Chevy guy and I agree about the Chargers should have 2 doors instead of 4 but this car rocks. All you haters out there should drive this car before you knock it. It is a Limited Edition car to. Just Sayin'.

  4. As a former Grand Prix owner and Pontiac lover as well as a guy who really likes and respects the G8 I have to disagree that your GT will smoke a SRT8. And…unless you installed a manual transmission yourself you are either lying about what trim level you have or what transmission you have. The only trim level in the G8 lineup to offer a manual transmission was the GXP..

    I know my G8's quite well as I almost bought one myself.

  5. I can say this however.I was dissapointed in that the main updgrades for it were mostly cosmetic, and not more performance based(HP specifically). Then again, they'd be bumping heads w/ the srt8, not smart marketing.They changed the gearing and i get to 60 MPH by .5secs faster,not something id be willing to pay the original price tag of $41k for.The strut bars add great stability,but who is going to really need that in everyday ATL traffic??? Not I. Anyway,i still love this car.

  6. I dont know why all the negative feedback here…i mean come on people. This is a kick arse family sedan…If your a man with a family(such as myself), but want a mans sedan to fit your family in, this is about your only option. I test drove this thing yeterday and it looks more bad arse in person than it does on any video. But it was hilarious that someone had traded it in FOR A MINI!!! LMAO..Im in GA, the price on this one was $31,980, but it had 10k miles on it…

  7. And be prepared to break out the wallet on the only cars that come close, Mercedes E550 or BMW 550i and neither look as good. 5-series is in the hunt, the E-class is a disaster though.

  8. Nobody cross-shops Chargers and Mustangs. The Charger is much bigger and, obviously, has four doors. Before complaining about the lack of a manual in the Charger, I'd be looking at Ford and Chevy and asking where their REAR WHEEL DRIVE sedan is. Closest thing Ford's got is a medium-class ocean liner with a three-point-something-liter V6 mounted the wrong way. Chevy's got… nothing. If you want a performance four-door with a V8, you're either buying Chrysler or you're importing.

  9. I'm guessing they would be extremely impressed with level of performance and refinement. The fact of the matter is today's cars outperform the "classics" in every measurable area possible as well as they should. It would be a shame if in 40 years they couldn't build a better car in every area aspect. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the classic Mopars, but today's cars destroy them in every area possible outside of looks.
    For instance:

  10. All the negative comments on this video are mostly from the Real Mopar/American Muscle fans or just haters. I don't blame them, this is a POS dressed up in black and blue. I wonder what the Mopar engineers of the 50s 60s and 70s would have to say about this…

  11. thats a discrace to all muscle cars every where if it has 4 doors then its not a reall muscle car and its even so gay that it doesnt have a manual option all i can say is what a disapointment.

  12. Hot Rod wonders why Motor Trend out does them on Youtube…Where the hell are the Raunchero Vids? More DF vids as well this FNG is kinda dorky :I

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