Racing Action Highlights from Day 1 of Drag Week 2014

HOT ROD Drag Week 2014 kicked off on September 8 at Tulsa Raceway Park in Oklahoma with a record high of 310 competitors. Here’s an action reel from the day; you can also look on our channel for a full replay of every pass of the race. HOT ROD Drag Week is presented by Gear Vendors and co-sponsored by Pep Boys Speed Shops


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  1. The red 75-76 Vega at 1:47….I want it, I had 2 1974 GTs in highschool in the early 90's, one wagon, one coupe.
    I've always had a thing for Vegas since I was a kid, in the late 70's early 80's, my dad had a 1973 Orange and White "Millionth Vega" when he worked for a Chevy dealership.
    He stuck a '65 Buick Special 300 v8 in it.

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