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SPEED – Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 announcement

SPEED TV announces live prime time coverage in North America


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  1. Well, I prefer V8s, but NASCAR can be boring but I like it when they get big packs like the finish at 'Dega and also road course races. BTW, these days, V8 Supercars are built from scratch by the teams, they are never production cars now.

  2. The real Bathurst was on a couple of weeks ago, called the Bathurst 12 hour the supertaxi series is a lot of fuss a noise and an insult to the history of the race it spends so much time claiming is theirs.

  3. @seantib1 Not some purpose built tubular space frame chassis wrapped in fibre glass that no one could actually purchase let alone barely recognise… Again I'm not trying to make enemies, I'm just passionate about what I consider…. (And yes it is just my opinion) to be what true motor racing is all about

  4. @seantib1 Hey dude, I'm not trying to make enemies here. The ultimate point I'm making is for years now the american audiences have been ripped off. As mike Joy talks in the vid of the trans am series, it was 'real' cars you or I could buy off the show room floor on a road race course which is what true racing is all about.

  5. @MrDemoncrusher Far as technical goes, it's a lot more than you think. The cars need a new setup just about every track they go. What they used at Daytona with the huge, sweeping turns isn't going to work at Martinsville with the flat hairpins. And what they use at Martinsville isn't going to work at Las Vegas with the speeds of 200 mph but the nearly flat turns.

  6. @MrDemoncrusher And with how difficult these cars are to drive (the stock cars in NASCAR have been called the most challenging in the world, even by Formula 1 drivers), that takes it's own degree of skill. I challenge you to really watch a race, moreoever, watch the guys driving them. They aren't just 'turning left', those guys are fighting the wheel of the car tooth-and-nail to keep the thing in the proper line, and when the race is over, these guys are completely exhausted.

  7. @MrDemoncrusher Actually, you're confusing a lot of the stuff with the origins of NASCAR. For one, 'yokel rednecks'. Only a couple of NASCAR's tracks are even in the south. The rest…Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Indy…major cities all over the midwest and many of the drivers themselves come from the West Coast. Far as technical goes, you forget a minor detail. While the tracks ARE oval, the racing is also much, much closer, inches of separation in tight packs. (c)

  8. @PchanStitch The logic is obvious, I can totally see why a V8 supercar champ would leave Australia to persue a career in the US… nascar pays more… alot more than the V8 drivers earn in Australia. The point I was making is that 34 out of 36 (I'm blown away there are that many in the season) are what I consider to be 'non' technical curcuits that simply aren't true car racing. Might I also say that not all Americans are yokel rednecks, but it must be said that the sport attracts alot of them

  9. @MrDemoncrusher Yeah, I can totally imagine a two-time V8 champ would leave everything in Australia, and spend years and years in America being bored 34 out of 36 races for the past three or four years. The logic there is just overflowing….

  10. @PchanStitch – I take it you mean Marcos Ambrose, he came 1st @ watkins glen, oh that's right I was forgetting it's a proper race track with right hand turns. Where you've actually gotta use that middle peddle on the floor, sorry my bad. As for the left hand ovals he probably gets bored to death or dizzy…. or both.

  11. @MrDemoncrusher Irony is, when one of those Aussie V8 drivers went to race with the..uh…'yokel rednecks', he's failed to even come close to winning on those…'left hand turn' tracks. :p

  12. The only reason there showing this is America is cuz there coming to Texas in 2013. If they were not coming to Texas they wouldn't be showing this race. The V8 Supercars are the 2nd best racing out there, F1 is the best.

  13. @speedwaysedan12 you obviously do not follow it close enough, it is actually very intersting if you pay attention… not to mention the crashes are awesome 🙂

  14. At least with the popularity of the V8 Supercars in the states with their commentary team coming over to cover it, hopefully will see a full crowd when they go to Texas. Unlike the middle east, where its a game of spot the spectator.

    When they do go to Texas, it would be a great boost for the series in that market if Ambrose could get a ride, or at least a demo ride in his old pirtek falcon

  15. Congrats to the fans in the States….but I sure wish that they do live(or any) coverage in Europe too…Timezone difference or not, it's worth seeing this true motorsports masterpiece!

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