The WORST Sounding Ferrari? Ferrari 488 Exhaust Expert

Is this Twin Turbo V8 set up the worst sounding Ferrari ever? I bring out the specs for an Exhaust Expert episode in Dubai on a STOCK Ferrari 488 Spider!
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  1. Sounds really good, not sure what is the big deal. I had 570S, NC1 NSX, 2 GTRs, and LP550-2 gated Manual before, they don't sound anywhere near as good as 488. As for valve, disconnect the valves. It is not even hard, drop the diffuser, unplug and plug in a bolt or golf tee.

  2. An exhaust expert would never straight pipe a Murciélago.
    You know it's odd, every single exhaust shop I've ever been to, well, I've never seen one single propeller head that looks like a nerd and wears glasses that help him hear…! You really don't think your idea's through very much do you Paul…?

  3. I think focusing on just the exhaust component is totally missing the point. Put the same exhaust on 10 different cars and you'll end up with 10 totally different sounds, even just adding an air filter can make a huge difference to the exhaust note. Looking at just an exhaust in isolation is totally missing the design of a drivetrain.

  4. Is this the same 'exhaust expert' that thought his own car definitely had an aftermarket exhaust, uploaded a video on it, then deleted it when it turned out to be stock…? Oh ok…

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