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When Ambrose And Murphy Went Nose-To-Nose

Awesome Bathurst Moment #15 is a rumble on the Mountain between two intense rivals …


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  1. Yeh. used to be a total holden nut and would blindly go "yep 100% ambrose's fault"

    Now a lil older, and some sim racing as well as some laps under my belt(meaning I know a lil bit more than i used to, not saying more than anyone else, just my younger self ), this is still MOSTLY ambrose's fault, tho murph obviously didnt help it.
    You gotta give room there. cutting across murphs nose like that was stupid. and even if murph had hugged the inside wall. ambrose would of still gone into him.
    if your gonna go for the pass like that, you make damn sure the guy beside/behind you is BEHIND you before you cut the fuck in on the next corner.

    What should of happened was ambrose kept to the outside. gave room and either taken the position on the next corner as he had the pace, or fallen back and took murph at the end of the lap.

    just for a lil explanation/repetition. watching the chopper cam.
    yes. murph is in the middle of the road and ambrose outside. BUT that's cause the entry to the corner is tight as fuck. if murph was against the inside wall. near guarantee he'd be straight into ambrose's side even under brakes, there'd just be no room for him if ambrose did exactly what he did here.
    ambrose "should" of braked a lil earlier and gone wider out, you see him turn into the murph on the chopper (and if you watch the cars ahead, note how he's just taking the racing line and would of left no room for murph, also note what i said just about that inside line) . as if he's just doing a regular ass lap. thats not how RACING works buddy boi.

    Ambrose expected a fellow racer to not race him and just pretend he's king of the road, he didnt look to see where murph was. in turn, he got turned, Should of given room and gone wider, he had the room to do it. murph didnt.
    Also murph shouldnt of gone wide on the previous corner. ahaha thats what he did wrong, ambrose shouldn't of been able to get there in the first place.

  2. To be honest I think it was just a mistake it looks a lot like Murphy understeered and ran straight into Ambrose and also Murphy had the inside line so Ambrose should of backed off.

  3. I think the worst thing about this was Jason Richards. He was all over Skaife, it would have been awesome for him to get by and win. He couldn't do it when the race restarted and Skaife coasted to victory. RIP Jason Richards!

  4. @ the 5:09 mark you can clearly SEE AMBROSE tag Greg and Grey did the right thing, stayed on the inside and did not pass the center pillar, ambrose did not check his mirrors and if for any reason you left mirror is gone, then you have to make sure that no car is too close to the left of your car, so basically ambrose just is a shit driver to the point he left for the states because not one driver liked him full stop ?

  5. I'm neither a Holden or Ford fan (or an Ambrose fan for that matter), but I think its pretty clear who's fault this was.

    The touching before hand was just good ol' racing. Murphy crashed them both on purpose.

  6. I think Murphy hit the car in front of him in the middle of turn 2 which slowed him enough for Ambrose to drive by him on the right. The 2 of them may have made contact late exit of 2 but it was clear that Murphy had no intention of making turn 3. He dumped Ambrose intentionally and himself in the process.

  7. Murphy unfortunately is at fault, he was dirty on ambrose for that little shunt on turn two, Murphy had a go back but unfortunately was the complete wrong thing to do, should've let him pass and tried to pass him again legally down the track.

  8. You blind fucks need to go to spec savers, Seriously did you even watch the video?Murphys Front of his car is well past Ambroses door, Ambrose had to give him racing room, Aswell as the fact murphy had the inside line, Murphy was starting to turn but had to not slow as much as he had a tighter apex to take then Ambrose so he had to hold speed an push Ambrose wider but stupid Ambrose tried to drive straight across his bonnet like WTF he knew he was there obviously just a shitty driver really.

  9. Such a shame, as Murphy says he was expecting them to go around side by side and sort it out by the Cutting, but Ambrose just came across. How he could believe that Murphy would simply yield from that position is a bit silly.

    I am neither a Holden or Ford fan by the way.

  10. There was some touching between the 2 cars out of turn 2 then they argue about it on the run to the cutting, both drives refusing to concede the position and going for the same bit of track, shame it happened but murphy was on the inside in my opinion, i love bathurst 1000

  11. Really did look like Murphy drove straight into Ambrose. I have watched the "Murph" become a real arrogant prick throughout his career. Imho he dislikes people challenging his absolute right to be first and own the road.

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