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When Dick Said Farewell

Awesome Bathurst Moment #20 was the day one of Ford’s all-time greats took his curtain call as a driver …

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  1. Djr had the fastest cars in 1999 at Bathurst up and down the mountain no question about if dick had a lot of health problems at this time had done for a number of years to finish 4th was a awesome effort he was 54 years old in 1999 just think Craig Lowndes has just retired and his 10years younger dick was one of the best personalities in motorsport particularly on race cam with the one liners he come up with

  2. I have the 2000 version of this Ford Falcon in Grand Turismo 6. I love to drive it at Mt. Panorama. They just didn't get the engine sound right which is unfortunate. Anyway great car and fantastic track. Hope to drive it someday.

  3. Gawd!!!!…….Leigh Diffey screaming at the start needed volume adjustment. (You don't have to sell the start of the Bathurst 1000 that way. Little men with high pitched voices are such a turn off when they start screaming. I hope Greg Rust reads this…..Lol.😅)
    It was so good to see the late Barry Sheene.💔 #7

  4. Bathurst 1999, i was there, it was AWESOME a MUST DO for any petrol head!
    On the day you could hear which car was quickest car 18 DJR was really honking!! Damn shame it blew a tire near the end in the lead, man i was GUTTED!!!!
    Dick Johnson is a TRUE legend of the sport!
    Good to see DJR/Penneske getting good results again! Instead of POXY RED BULL FUCK THEM!!!!

  5. for that to work they would have to make Bathurst a stand alone race again, it couldn be apart of the championship. Then they could open it up a bit more, make it more interesting thats for sure.

  6. Quick stats on this race.
    -Only 22 cars finished the race
    -33 didn't finish
    -The race winner started 12th on the grid
    -David Parsons in the Gibson Motor Sport commodore started last on the grid and finished 11th

  7. I agree with a lot of the comments here – look at that 55 car field !! We understand Bathurst is part of a championship series but I actually think that letting the Dunlop cars in has some merit. It's not like Dick, Brocky and Richards did flyby around the outside little Corollas back in the glory days !!!

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